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12/4/2012: I am migrating posts like this over to the Blogger website. so in the future you will not likely see posts on here. for a short testing bit I have been posting to both locations but I am now bored with that so I had to chose one or the other. and I guess I chose the other. You can get there from the 3σ Blog link on the menu to the left and see the latest few posts on the hope page via one of those Google Gadgets. As a mater a fact maybe I will try and put one below this. I will leave the old ones here so that you can enjoy them to your greatest benefit, OK that means that I am to lazy to remove them. if you subscribed to the rss feed on this page then just swap it out to the rss feed on the Blogger site. (http://wb5plj.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss) Please enjoy.

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posted Oct 4, 2012, 1:21 PM by Dwayne Walker

I am migrating posts like this over to the Blogger website (http://wb5plj.blogspot.com/). so in the future you will not likely see posts on here. For a short testing bit I have been posting to both locations but I am now bored with that so I had to chose one or the other. I guess I chose the other. You can get there from the 3σ Blog link on the menu to the left and see the latest few posts on the hope page via one of those Google Gadgets. As a mater a fact maybe I will try and put one on the landing site for the Whats New? feed here. I will leave the old ones here so that you can enjoy them to your greatest benefit, OK that means that I am to lazy to remove them. if you subscribed to the rss feed on this page then just swap it out to the rss feed on the Blogger site. (http://wb5plj.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss) Please enjoy.


posted Jul 14, 2012, 6:30 AM by Dwayne Walker

Say hi to Beakey!

But first a bye to the Buell. Yes alas the Buell Beasty has passed the torch and gone on to another future that does not include me. I am sure where ever it finds it's future it will be much happier with a younger and more aggressive owner. At least I comfort my self with this narrative, it is quite possible it will end up at the proverbial slaughter house as certainly today it is worth more in parts and pieces than as a demonic little fire breather. And trust me if you didn't let it warm up and it ever backfired on you it did breath a ball of fire three feet in diameter engulfing the rear wheel. it was literally a fire breather. farewell. Ok, enough about that Damn bike that broke my leg.

Hello Beakey!
The new bike is a 2012 BMW R1200GS Rally, I have to say that the stock photos I saw of this bike do not do it justice. They make it good looking but not great. but once I saw it in person I really liked it. I am not sure if it isn't a little ugly as I think all GS are but this one has a bit of refined angularity if I can get away with that. And I like it! Getting it was a bit interesting. It has almost every major option as I think all Rally's come with the upgraded computer display, electronic suspension, heated grips, etc. and all BMW's now come with ABS so the only two options this bike has that are not part of the Rally package are the traction control option (ASC?) and the anti theft alarm. 

As I live in the middle of Missouri (watch that pronunciation) there are only a couple of dealers in the State! one of which was recommended to me over and over again (not to disparage the other one, I have never heard anything bad about that other one) and indeed when I talked to the suggested dealer I got a deal that I could not bring my self to pass up so thanks for the suggestions from all those guys that I have met with BMW's over the last few years, and there ain't a lot around these parts. here it is mostly the land of low-tech, low-dragging, and chrome.

That's right Cruisers, in a previous day one would have said
Harley's but there are so many other manufactures imitating that style, well there you go. There are some sport bike riders around but even rarer for BMW's. Though Adventure touring or G/S Style bikes (if you will give a bit of a stretch) are around more and more these days usually in the form of a KLR or three.

All of these forms of two wheels have there own merits but since I first looked at a R1100GS I have always liked the ugliness and form following function and simply the "why not" design of the bike. Over the years many other people far crazier, richer, younger, or more energetic than I went out and proved that, in addition to being a design that I liked, it actually worked and was a very good design. So finally I decided to get one, like every body else apparently. From the magical mythology of the Internet I find sites stating that from 1994-1999 the R1100GS sold about 40k while the R1200GS from 2004-july of2007 has sold 85K. Thankfully I am not driven by or really bothered by popular opinion. None the less I have joined in, now where is that coffee shop?

Well the plunge I took, and it was worth it at least so far even though for me it is a very expensive bike, of course I noticed that a large selection of Harley's are actually higher now than BMW's. But I got a good deal and the Buell threw it's self on the financiers pitch forks and here the age of beakey has begun.

So this lead me to Grass Roots BMW in Cape Girardeau Missouri which is down in the boot hill and four and a half hours away! Which makes that 600mile "run-in" service just a little more problematic. a Great ride to be sure but likely a day off work or narrow, tight, overgrown, twisting lanes at night. There is always the Interstate but four and a half hours of straight lines is more deadly to me than those narrow lanes in the dark. But none the less that will be my problem (or adventure) to work out as I had just to get the bike in the first place.

The Buell Beasty loaded on the trailer at Jeff's house early Wednesday morning.
So, getting the bike in the first place...
As the buell is great fun the first hour then get's worse and worse every minuet thereafter, In decided to enlisted the help of my friend Jeff. Local Dive shop owner, good guy, (lived on a desert island for awhile, amongst the tuns of other places he has lived and dove). I rode the Buell over to his house in the morning and we hooked up his utility trailer (usually just use it for short runs to the quarries or to the lake) loaded the Buell and we where off!

All went well until about an hour out side of Cape Girardeau we threw the tread off Left side trailer tire. During a heat wave
This is the first Gator added to the road by this trip.
with the heat up over 100F in a place with very high humidity, well it was fun. And you know the normal state of the spare tire on a trailer right? yea well this time as well. The Spare tire was mounted on the tong horizontally had no air in it and just for fun the bead was completely loose. The Air didn't bother me that much, when you are riding with a guy who owns a scuba shop well, you just know there is air on board. What I didn't know was that it is enough at one time to reset a bead very easy. Then strangely we found we had a need to break the bead back off again. 

Initially I didn't get Jeff's expression after he lifted the tire off of it's rack (where it was laying as we filled it) but I soon caughton when he said "I think there might be a little water in it" he rolled the tire to me and I am not sure it could have been heavier if it where completely full of concrete. What had happened was the top bead had broken off but not the bottom then years of rain here and there had just poured into the tire filling it with water.

I should have got this on video. We where both laughing mad at the spectacle of this but it worked in true improvising fashion. 
Now getting it out was the problem. I was thinking getting "all" of the water out would be
difficult without tire irons to get at least one side of the tire off the rim. But as is typical while I was thinking Jeff was acting. he let the air out and used the side of the trailer to push the bead off again then began a sort of pressing, bouncing, twisting, pulling rhythmic motion with this tire, the wheel and the side of the trailer that I am sure from the point of view of passing cars must have looked carnal. But his strange rain dance worked and gallons of water came gushing out of the tire in glop's and spurts. We both immediately cracked up at just the shear amount of water that was coming out of this tire. I only barley remembered to get a picture, why didn't I switch to a video. Well after this the froze up jack was not anywhere near as entertaining, i had to grunt a bit but it broke free and we had the tire changed shortly after. 

Some fellow road travelers out and about in the heat stopped next to us (we where on the end of an off ramp, not the shoulder of the interstate) nearly immediately after we stopped offering us water. This was nice and considerate. We happened to be prepared on the water front if not the spare tire front so we declined. With how rushed people are and how incensed people can get with others it is nice to know there are still some helpful and compassionate people out there still. Unless of course it was lased with poison of some kind or other.

Our arival at the Dealers was as quick as our exit. having lots of things scheduled for both of us and having already added some time with the spare tire we had about an hour window for being at the dealers. I am not sure what they thought of us as we came in there. mind you they where friendly to be sure but as I had spoke with the owner a couple of times (though had never met him) well there was not much left to negotiate. And after standing there in the show room we began with the final negotiations which ended about fifteen seconds later. quick and brisk is an understatement. I think this may have cough Jeff a little off guard as well. 

Jeff having a gander at some of the extra special displays that are here. He is looking at a world record bike for the number of continents it has ridden on. one of which is Antarctica.
Jeff browsed the showroom as I went' into the little room to talk with the paperwork people. I pointed out our time was tight and they had no problems speeding up. they where rattling things off back and fourth as though it was a practiced routine. though they managed to do this in a way that was quick and precise and complete. and in no time I was out of there.

At some time in this process someone asked me if I didn't want to ride it around before putting it on the trailer. and the real answer is yes but time was tight and I was not only consuming my time but Jeff's as well and if I got on the bike I would surely have lost another hour which I didn't want to put on him. no the safest way is to get it on the trailer. At some point a guy there said that it would be like the other 1200's I have rode. to which I had to respond I've never rode one of these bikes,
from another view
I never actually stood next to one. This brought a moment of stunned silence. not as they where afraid to say anything just as a little skip in there brain had left five seconds or so where no actual thinking was going on. To me this is always funny, eventually one of the guys there came up with "that shows conviction".

After asking about a local tire shop to replace the trailer tire we left out in what I am sure was one of the quickest in and out's to be seen in a dealership in a long time. The Buell appeared as if we where dropping a loyal dog off at the pound back turned to us and head down.

We thought to replace the damaged trailer tire with a used one locally in Cape so we would have a spare for the trip back. This proved to be a very good idea. the tire in question is not the one in the middle of the picture. weirdly enough not the one on the right but rather the one on the extreme right of this little garage. the guy is rolling it out. Any rate not a bad tire for 39 bucks. we replaced the spare and put the spare back where it belongs. humm for now.
Stopping at the tire shop we found a good used tire and got it mounted and swapped it back on the trailer. A quick munch and we where off again. Oh how nice we stopped at the tire shop.

Naturally about an hour outside of kingdom city off goes the tread on the other tire. Hot and a long day down at
in moments the spare was on the trailer and Jeff is tightening it up. humm, why is Jeff doing the work and I'm taking a picture. poor guy
least this time we had some practice and it was pit crew performance swapping the spare on to the trailer. I really did do some things during these stops, it was not just Jeff laboring away in the heat but I had the camera. Any rate on we went with a little stop maybe 20 minuets from home to visit friends with some friends in the hospital.

Then back at Jeff's house, unload the bike, put the trailer back in it's parking spot. And what happens? people driving by stop to talk. This is the second time this day at Jeff's house and the second neighbors to stop. When i got to Jeff's house in the morning I went around to the front not realizing that he had just walked out the back. I knock on the front door and get no answer and as I turn to go around the back some guy in a truck passing stops and says "are you looking for Jeff?" I nod and he says "he is behind the garage" this guy was just someone from the neighborhood, everyone it seams knows Jeff. Now many hours later a car passes and slows roles down the windows and "hi Jeff". It is kind of odd but nice.

Get some gear on after a hot and long day and finally to turn the bike on and take a ride less than three miles back to my house. Okay So I ended up at my girlfriends house 17 miles away. But I eventually got back round to my house, home, a long day.

Someone we know had a relative whom had to be taken to the Calloway Community Hospital the previous day. as we where passing just by there the decision to stop for a few minuets and try to lift some spirits was incredibly easy to make.
Back where we started but this time with a new bike. Jeff house and I am now about to ride it home (Via My girlfriends house.) This is actually the first time for me to ride it. I didn't ride it at the dealers and I had not ever ridden this model. Weird I know but there you have it.
Finally to my home, in the driveway. after of course a not even remotely direct rout home. Oh yes we are going to have a lot of fun together. Welcome home Beakey

A little clip of me leaving Jeff's house. most of it is not usable so for once for me it is a small clip.

Don't Stand on those Pegs!

posted Jun 18, 2012, 9:27 AM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Jun 18, 2012, 9:30 AM ]

I found this article referring to a new law in Canada that makes it illegal to stand on pegs on a motorcycle.


It is the ignorance or perhaps lack of research that continues to astound me in such situations. I will take it as a given that non motorcyclist don't realize that you control the bike with your whole body. As such I wouldn't expect them to realize that standing on the pegs at times is a safety device. Be it for lowering the center of gravity for awkward terrain or (and I do this often) to see over or around something at turns, intersections, and parking lots. At times it is a comfort thing to get stretched.

I know and understand that they are not aware that standing on the pegs is a normal and safe part of motorcycling. I also know that just a little research into motorcycling quickly to anyone whom is interested that it is a whole body experience and that standing on the pegs is not in any way sufficient criteria for determining if a motorcyclist is riding in a careless and imprudent manner and/or presenting a threat to the health and safety of others or there property.

Yet we are here. So I know that no research has been done. Whats more I it appears that there was no thought to do any research. As if the position taken was one of "I know everything about motorcycle riding because I don't ride one". That right there is really the pointy end of the stick.

If you have no Information/Knowledge to base your opinion on you are left with only one other choice in how to go about making the decision. This is true for all humans, that choice is and ever will be Emotional Response. There is a time and place for these things but not in legal proceedings, never. The scary part is that somebody, likely many somebodies, felt that knowing nothing, doing no research, and using emotional response was OK. The right way to proceed.

In the end a bevy of emotionally charged and created laws left in the hands of the constable to be the ultimate and only arbitrator. His word, that is Rule of Man not Rule of Law. Ultimately I also feel for the constable in such circumstances. a big chunk of power has been handed to them and clear rules as to how to apply them are not also provided. It stands to reason that "fair and equal" will become at some point the lost puppy on the side of the road. Some will come to use this power aggressively with personal motivations and citizens will loose. Some will attempt to use it as best they understand and will find that they stand unsupported by the law in the face of accusers crying false arrest.

Any Law that is emotionally charged and then subjectively written ultimately hurts everyone. And yes many would say it is a small little thing, pegs on motorcycles, not everyone rides a motorcycle. In a sense they are right but what it abides may be worse.

High Angle Buell

posted May 27, 2012, 6:44 AM by Dwayne Walker

The question was how far does the buell lay over before the pegs touch the ground.
As it is a rather heavy bike I tried to lay it over (carefully!) a couple of times. the closest I got the peg to the ground was about one inch. But if you figure for some suspension squat in a corner (there wouldn't be much) the that is close enough for me to how far the bike leans over in the corner.

Why, well when I got the bike from Bob the strikers on the ends of the pegs where well scraped up. on both sides. Kind of aggressive Bob.

What is that.

posted May 24, 2012, 8:13 AM by Dwayne Walker

little dogs trying to chase motorcycles don't know it is safest to do so from behind. and strange three wheeled scooters and what not in my spot.

A Casual Country Ride in Mid MO

posted May 21, 2012, 5:38 PM by Dwayne Walker

A little ride I took for lunch. not great editing but I am learning and impatient. it is long and likely boring so sorry about that. But it is a pretty ride, was a nice day. this is what back high ways look like in mid Missouri.

Moreau River flodded

posted May 21, 2012, 9:27 AM by Dwayne Walker

The ever so quickly flooded Moreau river. This was taken just a short bit down from where we sometimes take out or put in with our canoe. Normally a simple little creak is wonderful fun. it is very scenic and very near town so quick easy and nice are the actives you would use.

It will flood easily with a couple of days of rain, and not very heavy rain at that, the thing will flood. then in a couple of days it will drain and is back to normal. if you have never floated it you should consider it.

This photo is from a previous trip.

Hacked to death tree

posted May 21, 2012, 9:12 AM by Dwayne Walker

here is a video I posted to YouTube of the "wonderful" pruning job the Land Scape guy did on my tree that was growing in my front porch area.
I haven't been this irritated in some time. talk about taking something and making it look worse. what is it with the tendency of people to do something with out a clear idea what they are doing and why. Then to leave the job half finished.

Sigh... Torch bearers for the pitchfork generation...

Healed up leg.

posted Dec 14, 2011, 7:57 AM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Dec 14, 2011, 8:03 AM ]

I'm a little late getting this post up here. What can I say I am more ambulatory now. This last visit to the Doc got the diagnosis
of a healed up leg. He did say that the leg would continue to er,. get better for several months but that all of the fractures where healed. Thus allowing me to commence with what ever activity I wanted to do. Yea! And I must say it feels that way. The strength is not there just right and at just the right angle I get a twinge of pain or two but this is likely nerve and muscle damage. How else to celebrate but to go for a little ride. So I did. Unfortunately that is just about the end of the riding season here in the middle of the USA. So all healed up just in time to sit around for winter. Well there is still diving I suppose. at any rate here is just a short celebratory (if cautious and reserved) ride. It did feel good.

Because of a goof on my part I ended up putting up a non HD version initially. then put up the HD version. I left the non HD version because there where some comments on it etc... one of these days I will learn to be a little YouTube savvy. Since this was a bit long and boring I tried my hand at some editing for the first time.

Teaching Wei about RSS

posted Nov 3, 2011, 3:12 PM by Dwayne Walker

RSS is some very interesting stuff and I like it. Obviously this is sort of a dummy post just to show the technology to some people here in my cube.

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