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Buell Left Foot Pegs Cost $21.47

posted Apr 1, 2011, 6:55 PM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Apr 13, 2011, 8:35 PM ]
Not much else to say.
Well I guess I can come up with something to say. 

So for those following the saga of the reentry rider. I used to ride a long long time ago in a galaxy far away. it had been years since I rode. I used to ride Harley's and dirt bikes. mind you when I say harley I mean light weight ones with no rear suspension and springs on the front. that is to say 300 lbs bikes made out of spare parts in a guys back yard. and I was good or at least average though not extreme in any way. So time passes and my good friend decides that my life would be more interesting if I had a bike to ride and as happens he had an extra one that he had grown out of because it was not fast enough for him any more. So to be it got shipped. He did encourage a change in riding gear convincing me to get good helmet, boots, gloves, and sent me a riding jacket that was good thick leather and had armor all throughout. Of course it has a somewhat distinctive motif that while matching the bike is not directly my style. Oh did I mention that the bike in question is a 2006 1200cc Buell Lighting Long (XB12ss) so not exactly the kind of bike I had ridden in the past either. Here is the bike warming up outside the garage the first day it arrived in the relative swamp of Missouri (it came from New Mexico and we have lots of humidity comparatively.) 

I had a wonderful first ride on it and noted
 two things. it accelerates scary fast and the front break stops it scary fast. I would have to guess that the front break is slightly less effective at stoping the bike than hitting a brick wall; read: very touchy break.

So Off I go and the first post I have on it is when I stopped on that first ride and took a picture in a local park while heading home. Well needless to say about a month or two later I wiped out. Now to be honest I always thought I would but I wasn't expecting such a bad one. Here is the first post I did after the crash and a couple of others here and here

So now on to this post's events for those of you whom where already up to date or for those of you who read this far down.

Well that makes this the first ride after the crash. Same boots as they survived, new helmet (it squeezes my cheeks when I am talking), new gloves, new riding pants, new armored shorts (as afore mentioned in one of the posts) same Jacket. Maybe what I need it a bike more suited to my riding style :-) Well watch and laugh.

Of course this time I have a fancy new helmet camera (V.I.O. POV.HD) so you can come along for the ride. I really have got to stop crashing, the repair bills are getting annoyingly high and I am still limping from the broken hip.