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Debt and Panic

posted Nov 9, 2010, 7:21 AM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Nov 9, 2010, 7:46 AM ]
Ok, with all of the talk about national debt and budgets around and numbers like "Trillion dollars", and "Billion dollars" going around I thought I would put up a little link thing to put into some real world sense of what these numbers mean. It is hard enough to know what the national debt is as everyone seams to have a different way of calculating it and since I have heard values ranging from 13 Trillion down to about 2 Trillion I thought I would comment. Eleven Trillion of anything is an enormous number to be varying by!

So here is a simple spreadsheet comparing Thousand, Million, Billion, and Trillion then finally has an entry for Thirteen Trillion. to put it in real world values I used a description I have heard before. If I give you a bucket full of dollars and you spend them at one dollar a second without stop, no sleeping, no bathroom breaks etc, this is how long it would take to spend every last dollar. it is broken down in the categories listed above. So as you see for the spreadsheet it will take only seventeen minuets to spend a Thousand dollars and twelve days to spend a Million dollars. Now for the first real jolt, it would take thirty three years to spend a Billion dollars. For the second shock a Trillion dollars would take three hundred and twenty eight Centuries! For just one Trillion dollars and the numbers I here for national debt by the way are some ware between two and thirteen Trillion.