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Hip Surgery 2.0 Update!

posted Aug 11, 2011, 7:18 AM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Nov 24, 2011, 9:16 PM ]
Well I went back to the Doc for the first time after the second surgery, seven weeks after actually on July 8th or some ware around there. The news is good after taking X-rays you can clearly see that the main break filling in. Nothing looked like it was broken (none of the metal or screws) and I got the go ahead to start full weight Bering as tolerated.

I believe that I switched from the crutches to a Cain immediately and I think it was only a couple or maybe three weeks before I left the Cain aside. For the most part I can get around fine and can even carry a little weight (a canoe) I still have a limp and I am hoping to get rid of that over time and I still can't run and sudden jerky movements sharply remind me that it is still not healed. The only other issue is the endurance. I just can't go like I could before the leg starts hurting to bad. Hopefully these things will go away after some pushing. I must say that I am pushing it. trying not to make anything worse but being aggressive is the general approach. And at this point it seems to be getting noticeably better daily.

Now that I can do more I need to start doing more. I need to get diving again, a lot, have been Canoeing some but that doesn't do much for the leg other than teach me how to deal with discomfort.

Unfortunatly this finaly good and liberating turn of events comes as one of my friends (also a SCUBA Diver) crashed his motorcycle and broke his collerbone and some ribs. The collerbone got it good and he has just had surgery to put in some metal to hold it in place. The irony here is that he had his accident on August First of this year. To jog your memory mine was on August 1 of last year. but he certainly wont take as long to heal as I have. he can at least walk.