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posted Aug 18, 2010, 9:19 AM by Dwayne Walker   [ updated Sep 14, 2011, 1:19 PM ]
Right into the concrete Barricade. Yep the Buell and I took on a Concrete center divider. And we lost. Thankfully I was wearing some good riding gear. One witness claimed that I was at one point twelve feet in the air and inverted. I however have no way of confirming this. I was obviously there and conscious the whole time but from my perspective I couldn't say how hight I got thrown. 

In short the rear slid out during an extreme corner tires both front and rear ended up crossing the yellow paint stripe (slick) and then hitting the rumble strips. and a moment after that slamming into the concrete center divider which jerked me and the bike violently upright and kept me stuck to the divider sliding along for I don't know how long. Long enough for me to struggle to get off the center divider, at any rate eventually some speed was spilled off and I came away from the center divider and I wen't strait over the handlebars. me and the bike did a nice little forward flip which threw me into the air significantly. I hit the pavement and at the end while I was still sliding, with my back leading the way and facing back down the road from where I came, I could see people getting out of there cars and running over. 

Hit the Wall

I have only a small scrape on my third finger of my left hand. and well. a broken hip. Two plates and nine pins (screws) to put it back together. But don't get to caught up in that. the point I wanted to make was that this was the Only injury. Here are some pictures taken of my gear a week after surgery on my hip. I was still stuck in the bed and so the pictures are not that good. Sorry but I wanted something.

If I hadn't had good boots, jacket. riding pants, gloves, I am sure I would be dead or atleast missing parts.Friction alone would have warn my hand off at the wrist but the Knox scafoid protectors (the pictuer does not do it justis) keept my hand from getting ripped off. My ankels and feet took a massive hit plus my left foot sliding traped between the bike and the concrete. no damage to my feet or ankels at all. I am not going to say how fast I was going but I was pushing the bike, allot. this was a huge impact even after spilling off all of the speed sliding along the center divider for who knows how far. My only regret is that I was not wherein some kind of hip/pelvic protector shorts under my riding pants, I don't of course know if this would have saved my hip or not but likely it would have reduced the degree of fracture some what at least.  I know this stuff is hot but at those speeds it isn't and I am a living example of "I would rather sweat than bleed"

Good Quality Riding Equipment, This is the worst crash I have had as far as bodily damage. Please consider wherein all of the protective gear you can. particularly if you are pushing it. but in either case. 

The Gear I crashed with.
It may have been nice if I had something like one of these. or one of many other options.