Fore Sale

Here is some stuff for Sale. Largely I am putting this stuff up here to test out a few features with Google Checkout and how to drive the contents via Google Docs and the like. I have several people with the possible use for light weight shopping cart options such as this (I believe) and as so often happens I have used my own site as a kind of gunny Pig. As is always the case.

Fore Sale

That being said this stuff is really for sale. this is largely the kind of stuff that I wouldn't think would be worth the effort to put on craigslist or eBay etc but it is here and I will sell it for cheep. If you are having any problems or want further info or pictures just let me know. I also am open to negotiation.

If you use a Google Apps account (that is what this page is built on) this is the "Checkout Store" Google Gadget and it is not, ua,.. the most refined but as an owner to sell stuff or a user to buy stuff it uses Google checkout to handle the Payment Processing so it makes it easy and safe etc for both parties. As the Owner I never see the payment info so the owners don't have to deal with it and the users get confidence. the typical Google Checkout process also helps to negotiate any dispute again that is confidence for the user (Buyer.) There are other ways to display the products on the page but this is just a simple way to use there demo gadget where owners just populate a spreadsheet. unfortunately it don't offer much formatting capability. but it does work easy. I will try and use some other implementations of there (Google) checkout products to show them to others as well in the future. (This site is ever the gunny Pig for people I know whom own small businesses.)

I put the pictures into a Picasa public album and used that for the image link but it only has one image per item and as I am selling (really, this is real) stuff I like more pictures so here is a link to the public album where you can see better and more pictures of these items for sale.

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