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Return/Cancellation Policy

All items are sold as is with no implicit warranty. Please ask questions before buying. Returns will be accepted on a case by case bases only. if you have a problem with or concern about a purchased item you must contact Customer Support via email within one week of receiving the item. it must not be used or damaged in any way. Buyer is responsible for return shipping unless the wrong item is shipped. Generally speaking we are very cooperative with returns and want people to be satisfied with there purchases and will work to make sure everyone is happy.

Shipping Policy

I Ship Primarily through USPS although UPS and FedEx are options depending on the size and nature of the items and also your request. If you have preference please let me know. Typically I am good at getting things shipped out in one business day but sometimes it takes me a bit longer, it has never taken me more than a couple of days. I realize that you want your new goodies and I work hard to make sure you get them as soon as possible. After all that is the same way I feel about it. Do unto others and all that. If you have questions or concerns etc please contact me as soon as possible.

Customer support

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