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Ham Radio, SWL, Broadcast and what ever else there is.

I am a Ham Radio Operator but I spend a lot of my time with my Icom 706Mkiig pointed to a World Broadcast Station. As a result you will find that the Calendar over to the Right has more than just Ham Radio nets in it but also World Broadcast, Local Broadcast, and sometimes Local TV Broadcasts. I will make it public because there is not private information on it but I can't imagine that many people are interested.

A Ham Radio Site where most of my Ham Radio goings ons are noted. n0ew is a friend of mine (and remember, you chose your friends) and most of the things I engage in are posted on his site which is and likely always will be more complete than mine. http://www.n0ew.org

One of the most notable ham Radio Activities that he and I have worked on (though him far more than me) is the Strange Antenna Challenge annual event. you can find it under Erik's site or recently he got a specific domain for it www.strangeantennachalenge.com either way, the specifics will be worked out later to be sure.

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