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More on this later...

And later is here. I have been considering getting a Canoe or Kayak or Sit-On-Top Kayak for some time now. But like many many a thing it has always kind of been something that I never got around to. So This February (2011) I went over to Peculiar MO and picked one out. Ill try to post some pages with relevant bits if I can find any. Tips, Tricks, and pitfalls kind of stuff. any trip kind of things will likely end up in the Whats New section of the site; like everything else. But in the mean time, I Got a Canoe!!!!

So the question begs why a Canoe verses one of those other boats. Well I may well add one or two of those other boats in the future but the Canoe for now offers a lot of versatility and simplicity. Yes it is more work to paddle it around but not a lot. and the Girlfriend and dogs fit and of course there is plenty of room for gear, Coffee, and other marry making supplies. Sit-On-Top Kayak's offer the distinct advantage that getting into and out of the water is extremely easy and nearly impossible to sink the boat in the process. This may not mean much to most people but to me it adds the relatively easy and safe way to SCUBA Dive off of them. While this is much more difficult in a Canoe particularly if you are in any place that is deep. Which of course you are likely to be as you are planing on scuba diving. it is possible to do with a bit of finesse and a bit of bailing. But for me that is about the only advantage to Sit-On-Top's. So not many pluses there. a conventional Kayak, more likely a sea kayak is fun and very easy to paddle long distances. I have done a trip with these before and have this want to do more but due to where I live and the number of other interested parties I would not get a lot of use out of one. It would spend a lot of time in the garage so it also get's pushed later down the list. So back to the Canoe old faithful and super universal.

As of yet we have taken it on little Binder lake a couple of times and will likely get it out on some local Streams, Creaks, and Rivers and just see where it goes from there.

I have decided that I will review some gear: Specifically what I use and make any note of. Yes there are experts out there but I can offer some reviews from a unique point of view. I can think Rationally and Logically fairly well and yet I am not unduly influenced by Years of experience and the "Everyone knows about that" Syndrome that afflicts all those in the Know. So here are some reviews..(If they ain't links yet then I haven't got around to it yet)
  • Mad River Angler 14 Canoe
  • Kokatat MisFit 2010 Model PFD
  • SealLine Large Wide Mouth Duffel
  • Handy Hooker Canoe and Kayak Storage Hoist
Ok so I am trying to find places to put in and take out (boats) around the MO area and for all of the creaks and Streams in MO I couldn't find hardly any information so I decided to try and make a map and try and keep it up to date. So For now the Routs in Red are ones that I haven't gone on yet. Usualy this means that I found it on google earth or something and am doing some scouting. But I have scouted them to some degree by the time I have them up on here. If the rout is in Blue then I have actually done it and have some direct experience. Look for such trip reports in the Whats New section of the site. This is an on going process and I intend to try and make it better as I go so that some other paddlers have a place to look for information.