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wow, this is a very vacant space.

I keep thinking I should do some videos/reviews/articles, what ever, on some scuba gear as I had such a hard time finding anything of use from that stand point out there. To be fair (ua, just) I did find some but they where not talking about the pros and cons etc of a particular design or approach to gear, equipment etc. just features of particular pieces if even that. Often it was just "this is a good X" and "I like this X" which begs the question why! And of course never never never. well sometimes but rarely. I am not sure I am any good but I will give it a try (of course I haven't done much yet.) Keeping in mind those simple words, Who, What, When, How, and my personal favorite Why.

These will likely be posted in the Whats New page as I have sort of gone to putting everything in there (which means that "Whats New" is not a real good title but im not very good so you where expecting that.) But what ever I do I will however put links to any such scuba related posts here for expedited viewing.


Below is a big Google Map of Dive Locations that I have marked. I have put some comments in the little bubbles that pop up with a few details. Not really any kind of ranking but a listing of some Sites that I have dove. When it is a shore dive I have tried to mark the entry point and when it is a boat dive I have marked where the boat was. It is not complete but I will try and add a few as I go along. Maybe I will make a map of climbing sites too. humm,.. who knows what my one viewer may find useful.