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Zeagle Ranger LTD BC Weight Pockets wearing out.

Well the damn BC is tearing out at the weight pockets. It is not critical but it will be. The trim around the material that holds the retaining cords (to retain the weights) has split off the material and eventually the material will fray out and the retention cords will break away. Very bad! I am talking about my Zeagle Ranger LTD which I like so far but this is not that old of a BC and I tend to treat my stuff carefully. Or at least more carefully than some. This problem exists on both sides of the BC in the same place making me think this is a design oversight.

   View from the bottom of the BC. You can see the wite retention straps that pass through the grommets and sit along the bottom of the weights when they are in the pockets. the torn hem is is visible sticking up in the middle of the picture.
 Another view with my finger behind the material so that you can see the fraying going on.
 Showing where the white weight retention cord is attached to this same piece of material about one inch away from the frayed edge.
 Looking down into the weight pocket showing the retention cords. the weights are placed in this pocket and the red zipper is zipped up. There is a "Ripcord" that when pulled releases the free looped end of the white retention cords from the other side of the grommets that they are passed through and the weights fall out of the bottom of the BC.
 More of a profile view, this is the right side of the torso section of the bc. the pocket (stuff pocket) is first sitting on the outside of the weight pocket. You can identify the weight pocket as it is the one with the red zipper slider on it. both pockets are closed in this picture.
 The torso section sitting up right viewed from the Left side

What to do? well pack up the torso section and ship it to Zeagle and I guess they will get back with me on the price to repair it. The person on the phone was not extremely clear on that but then again I didn't ask that specifically either. So this is the torso section with all of the other pieces removed and ready to be shipped out. We shall see...

Well time has passed at this point and I have my torso section of the BC Back from Zeagle. They did call to ask me if I would like them to leave the exterior panels on the pockets in place (because I had modified them to attach my knife and what not) but I declined and said it would be ok if they replaced them. So they replaced them and everything that was not part of the main panel and it's er,.. wings.

I figured to replace the external pocket pannels as I was thinking of selling it as I have started using a backplate quite a lot. And I may do so, if you are interested just let me know.

They send it back promptly and in good form, the repairs they did look quite good. When they called me up to ask me what I would like them to do with the pockets is when they had a chance to look at it. the seamstress said that she felt that too little of the material had been placed within the welting causing it to Frey and separate (see above pictures) so there would be no charge. Of course I had to Ship it to them.

So here are a couple of pictures as it is after it's return. All in all I am very happy with there service on this issue.