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Wet Suit Pockets

Ok, so once I got my dry suit and it had thigh pockets I decided that I liked them a lot. Enough to get some and glue them to my wetsuit. So here is my approach. I got some pockets from xs scuba, I for the most part couldn't tell any real significant difference in pockets from various manufactures but did notice that the more technical diving oriented the company the less information you could get on the product and the more expensive it was. This struck me weird as, well, it is a pocket. it shouldn't be that complex or expensive to make a just plane decent pocket.

So the pockets are basic Cordura stuff. and the backs of them are neoprene, this makes sense as you are going to be gluing it to neoprene, both stretch see. Cordura doesn't stretch. they have a flap with a D-ring at the bottom edge, not sure if I like this but what ever. inside there is another D-ring just below the opening, Ok, not bad. It did have a mesh separator thingy that when I looked at it it seamed to be just something for stuff in the pocket to get cough in. So I decided to remove it before attaching it to the Wet Suit. So here is some of the pocket preparation later I will try and add some stuff about actually gluing them on. You know how it works, click on the image to get a slightly bigger one.

The original pocket, tag even in place. The plastic D-ring on the end of the pocket flap presumably to make it easier to open the pocket with thick gloves on. I am thinking about cutting it out and putting in just a string pull.
The pocket open. you can just see the strapping that holds the inside D-ring on the neoprene backing. Notice the large Velcro (sorry, hook and loop fastener) patch, this was very wise. I forgot to mention earlier that there are three grommets, one at the top of each side (why at the top?) and one in the bottom middle.
Here the pocket is inside out and you can see that mesh section I decided to remove.
 This shows the mesh section partially removed exposing the inner D-ring. Remember the pocket is still inside out.
Geese how did you possibly remove it, well I used little scissors on my Swiss army knife, mainly because I didn't have to move very far to reach it...
The fully removed mesh.
then Decided that since it aint a mattress I could remove the tag as well.
Fully removed.
Now to deal with the frayed edges of the mesh. You wouldn't want to just leave it because as it unravels, it would unravel through the seam that joins the Cordura and the neoprene backing which would at least loosen the seam and possibly encourage failure. You could do lots of things here but as it is basically plastic I chose to melt it. Remember that the frayed edge left from removing the mesh will heat up and melt faster than the solid neoprene. The trick here to prevent burning something you don't want to is to keep the flame moving a little bit.
Here is another bit showing the flame climbing up the material but if you pay attention it will not mar the wanted material in any way.